Darwin College Students' Association

Approved Schedule & Regulation Amendments Easter 2016

Approved amendments to the DCSA Schedule and Regulations
The DCSA Executive Committee has supported changes to the DCSA Schedule and Regulations. The Constitution sets out rules for how the DCSA functions: this includes the powers and duties of its officers as well as how it deals with DCSA clubs and societies. The DCSA’s proposed changes are relatively minor and include changing the title of one of the Executive Committee positions and the role the Officer has, as well as references to the title of the officer and their role. 
In order for these changes to take come into force, they were first approved by a majority vote at an Executive Committee meeting on 28th June 2016 with at least two thirds of the members present and voting, and secondly, they were not objected to at the General Meeting on 1st November 2016.
A revised DCSA Constitution is now being prepared. 
Full detail can be seen in the document below. Any comments please email dcsa_president / dcsa_secretary [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk. 
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