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BBQ & Island

  1. Darwin college members may book the small Island and BBQ via the following link at the bottom of this page; select a free time slot, click on "Add" (next to Accessories) - select the Barbeque, click "Done" and then "Create"
  2. Alumni may book the small Island and BBQ via the Development Office
  3. External bookings (University Department or Society, Corporate Private Use - in either case booked by a Darwinian) must be done via the Domestic Bursar's Secretary (sectobursars@darwin.cam.ac.uk) to enquire about the availability of the BBQ and Island on your requested dates.
  4. Read the Terms and Conditions below.
  5. On the day of your booking, visit the Porter's Lodge to get the keys and sign the release form. Have fun, but please take care of our equipment! If you are found to have damaged anything, left rubbish, not cleaned the BBQ, or not put the BBQ away you risk having £50 added to your Darwin account.
BBQ & Island
Important Information
• As the Organiser you will be held responsible for your events compliance with the Conditions of Use. 
• BBQs may only be held on the first island – in the paved area left of the bridge.
• Both the BBQ and island must be booked.
• The BBQ has to be cleaned and locked up after the event.
• The island must be cleaned after the event.
• You will need to bring your own BBQ tools.
• No external vendors/contractors are to be used on the Island.
• Kitchens in student blocks must not used for cleaning of, or cooking for, barbeques because of the fire risk.

Conditions of use for the BBQ
  1. 3-hour time slots can be booked.
  2. The person who books the BBQ must be on the island at all times.
  3. The maximum number of guests allowed on the island is 50. The organiser is responsible for ensuring that this number is not exceeded during their booking.
  4. The island must be vacated before dark – even if this is earlier than 9pm.
  5. Please note that you have to supply your own charcoal and matches and also a rag to clean up the set.
  6. Pick up black bin bags from the Porter's Lodge for your rubbish.
  7. After the BBQ, please clean up the island and leave everything tidy. The ashes will be hot so leave the BBQ on the island to cool down (do not carry the hot BBQ over the bridge). Remove all your rubbish from the island. This includes unused coal, empty bottles and cartons, left over food etc. Put everything in the black bags. Please make sure you lock up the BBQ before you leave and return the key to the Porter’s Lodge.
  8. The day following the BBQ, clean the BBQ - empty all the ash into a black bag and brush the set clean; wash the BBQ grid under the tap located outside the study centre door and dry with a clean rag. If you do not know where this is ask! Do not empty charcoal into the drains. 
  9. If your booking immediately follows another, then you should leave the previous party’s hot coals in the BBQ and add your own as necessary. Note: it is the responsibility of the organiser of the last event of any given day to ensure the Island is cleared and the BBQ cleaned.
  10. Let the Porters know you are finished. If there is a problem you will be billed £50 to support the use of the BBQ.
  11. Please note: Returning the key does not mean you will not be billed should there be a problem. 
  12. It is in your interest to report it to the Porter's Lodge if you find either the island or the BBQ dirty. Failure to do so may result in you being billed. If either the Island or the BBQ are not cleaned properly you will be billed.
  13. If you find either the Island or the BBQ dirty when you arrive for your booking then it is in your interest to report this to the Porter’s Lodge. Failure to do so may result in you being held liable and a charge being made as detailed above.
Please note that you will be held personally responsible for ensuring that:
  1. Background music (e.g. a CD player) is only played at low volume.
  2. Smoke machines are not used under any circumstances.
  3. All garden or other furniture is returned to its original position after your booking.
  4. Any BBQ equipment other than the DCSA BBQ is approved for use by the Clerk of Works before being used on the island; disposable BBQs are not acceptable.
  5. Hog roasting spits or similar equipment are approved by the Clerk of Works before being used on the island.
  6. Gazebo's or anything similar are approved by the Clerk of Works before being used on the Island Kitchens in student blocks are not used for cleaning or cooking for BBQs because of the fire risk.
Have fun, but please take care of our equipment! If you are found to have damaged anything, you may be responsible for a hefty deposit, to be added to your Darwin account.
Fellows and current members: free
Alumni: £30
University Department or Society (booked through a Darwinian): £45
Corporate Private Use (booked through a Darwinian): £90

Click here to accept these terms and conditions and book.

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