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How do I start my own society?
Email the DCSA Treasurer, Christina (dcsa_treasurer @ darwin.cam.ac.uk) for information on how to do this, 
When is the deadline to apply for budget for the upcoming academic year 2017/18?
Deadline will be in October 2017. More information will be distributed will in advance.
How do I get money back that I have spent for the society that I am running?
Please fill out the Reimbursement Form and leave it in the Treasurer's box at the Porter's Lodge (just ask the porters). A complete reimbursement claim consists of the appropriate form, including: date, signature, budget item and amount; as well as the original receipts. Incomplete forms will not be considered.  If your claim will be approved, you will receive a cheque shortly after that.
Do I need to provide a proof of the expenses, and if so which documents count as such?
Yes, you must provide a proof that clearly states the expenses. Such a proof can be either an official receipt, invoice or a bank account statement (just black out uniteresting numbers). Without any proof there will be no reimbursement.  
Do I have to pay invoices from 3rd parties myself?
No, just fill out the Invoice Form and leave it together with the invoice letter in the Treasurer's box at the Porter's lodge (just ask the porters). Please hand in invoices as soon as possible to avoid any inconveniences.
I have paid the invoice already, do I still get the money back?
Yes, please fill out a Reimbursement Form (see above) and clearly state that you have paid the invoice already and include the invoice letter.
Where do I find the Reimbursement/Invoice Form?
You can find the PDF file here or a hard copy in the Treasurer's box at the Porter's Lodge.
Can I send the forms and invoices via e-mail?
No this is generally not possible. Please print out the forms and hand in a hard copy. 
I am neither Treasurer nor President but have advanced money as participant of the society, how do I get my money back?
This should not be the rule. However in case you have paid something, the easiest thing is to get your money back from the President or the Treasurer and let them claim reimbursement. Alternatively, you can also fill out the appropriate form, in that case YOU must sign the sheets AND have a signature of either the society's President or Treasurer.
Can I spend society's money allocated for a specific item for something else?
No, this is not possible. However, if you wish to reallocate some budget from one item to another (within the same society) please contact the DCSA's Treasurer. You as President/Treasurer of the particular society will have to come to the next regular DCSA's committee meeting (biweekly) and present your reasons. The DCSA's committee will then vote on the presented issue. Please note, that the committee will take as much time as needed to consider all circumstances, hence may not decide that very meeting. Please make sure that you ask for reallocation BEFORE you purchase anything.
I am broke! How can I accelerate the process to get reimbursed?
First thing that guarantees an easy and quick processing is to fill out the given forms completely and provide all supporting information. Second, send an informative e-mail to the DCSA's Treasurer Christina (contact email is below).
Do I need to keep track of my own society's expenses?
Yes, if you are Treasurer of the society this is one of your tasks. If you are President it is your responsibility to oversee what your Treasurer's is doing as well as support her/him. The DCSA's Treasurer will occasionally check the accounting. The DCSA's Treasurer will generally keep track of all society's budget, so there is no need to keep official records. However, you should be informed on your own budget and expenses to respond to any queries.
My question was not answered, whom do I contact?
Please send an e-mail to the DCSA's treasurer, Christina: dcsa_treasurer @ darwin.cam.ac.uk
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