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Darwin Food Festival

Darwin Food Festival 2017 

The annual Darwin Food Festival is coming back and will be held on the 29th July, in the Dining Hall and the Darwin Garden. This year, we have 7 teams with our fellow Darwinians from Greece, Germany, Vietnam, Bhutan, Italy, Slovenia, Israel, Turkey and Palestine cooking in the event. The aim of the event is to increase the communication between students from different cultures. We look forward to your attendance in the event.

Event information:

Time: 12.00-14.00 Saturday, 29th July 2017

Location: Dining Hall & Darwin Garden


Ticket information

Tickets are available for Darwinians (3 pounds) and up to three guests (4 pounds) and will be sold in Darbar at 21.00-22.00 from 17th July to 21th July. With the ticket, you can sample three dishes and you can sample more dishes by paying additional money (1 pound for each extra dish).


For people who can not come to buy a ticket during all the slots, please fill the form below. If there are still tickets left after 23rd July, people on top of the list (ordered by response time) will be offered tickets.



For Alumnus, if you want to reserve tickets, please fill the form below:



If you have any questions regarding to the event, please contact the international officer Binbin (dcsa_international@darwin.cam.ac.uk). 

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