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DCSA Executive Committee Michaelmas Election 2017/18 and information about roles

Michaelmas Elections


To vote online follow this link (from Monday 12noon): https://www.vote.cusu.cam.ac.uk/dar-dcsa/17-18/dcsaelections/
Below is a list of candidates running for the Michaelmas Election this year. Underneath the candidates you can find more information about DCSA roles.
LGBT Officer

Candidate: Milli Pavlickova (mp822)

Proposer: Luis Nobre (ln280)
Seconder: Dan Dennis (djd49)

Hello everybody,
my name is Milena and I am a first year PhD student in Zoology, however, this is my second year in
Darwin College. I am running for the position of LGBT+ officer and, if elected, this would be my
second term in this position.
My aim as the LGBT+ officer will be to create a sense of community and a welcoming environment
for both new and returning students. Towards this aim, I started fortnightly Darwin College LGBT+
get-togethers last year which I plan to keep going. I have good ties with LGBT+ reps from other
mature colleges and LGBT+ MCR groups. Therefore, I also plan to organize multiple
intercollegiate events including formal swaps, BBQs, tea parties and others.
LGBT+ officer is also a welfare role and I hope to provide support for Darwin College students
whether by listening or finding additional help, as well as further promote the welfare needs of the
LGBT+ students.
I attend university-run welfare trainings to ensure that I am able to provide students with the best
possible support. In addition, I plan to work closely with my fellow welfare officers to organize
mental and sexual health relevant events such as HIV awareness week event.
International Officer

Candidate: Binbin Wei (bw373)

Proposer: Luís Nobre (ln280)
Seconder: Christina Courreges (cjfc4)

I am a third year PhD in Physics and have been the International officer during the last 5 months. I
organized the international food festival in July and two international welcome events during the
freshers’ fortnight. Besides, I started the Darwin Language Exchange this year and am organizing
weekly meetings every Sunday evening.
In the coming months, I am planning to organize international game nights (playing a Game
(card/board games) from a different country every week) and a international music festival to make
connections between students from different countries and encourage more international students to
involve in the college events. We will organize a college Xmas dinner this year for students who stay
here as well. In addition, Events like Easter egg hunting during Easter holiday, making pancakes at
pancake day, will also be organized during some UK festivals to get the international students know
more about the UK culture.
Most importantly, I am always happy to help if you have some difficulties with your study, life or
whatever else.
Events Officer

Candidate: Robbin de Kruijf (rfd24)

Proposer: Luis Nobre (ln280)
Seconder: Dan Dennis (djd49)

I’m Robbin, second year PhD student in pharmacology. I love Darwin college community which is
why I became events officer – to help strengthen the community through events. I am full of ideas
about what I can do, and I love hearing new ideas from students and clubs about what could be
I’ve already organized outdoor screenings, the fresher’s BBQ and the Halloween horror movie
screening, the Halloween horror story event and together with the garden society the pumpkin
carving. I have many more ideas!
We were already able to convince college to allow three themed dinners of which the murder
mystery is the first. Further will we organise a garden party, a puppy (or other assorted animals)
petting day, outdoor cinemas, picnics, board game evenings to relax from all the hard studying. But
also get together with the college to organize an “old poster” event, asking alumni to sent in older
posters about what they did during their time at college.
The most important part is that I am here to make your year awesome and full of events, so if you
have any ideas don’t hesitate to suggest them to me.
Together we can make Darwin very eventful.
Communications Officer

Candidate: Ruben Drews (rmd60)

Proposer: Luis Nobre (ln280)
Seconder: Charlotte Tumescheit (ct518)

Dear Darwinians,
Over the last year, I have worked for you and the DCSA as Communications Officer.
My role saw the weekly distribution of WhatsUp emails with all the information currently pending
in Darwin and around Cambridge. This position is one of the most important contact points for
Darwinians and non-Darwinians, i. e. for other colleges, the University, and several organisations.
In addition to our President Luis, I am also helping to maintain the DCSA website.
Additionally, I sit on the college's Computer Committee to give students a voice in shaping the
future IT infrastructure of our beloved college. Together with another student representative,
Charlotte Tumescheit, we are currently planning a survey on Darwin's wireless networks in order
to define further improvements to the colleges' network services. We are also working on new ways
to improve communication with Freshers for next year.
Whenever the DCSA needs volunteers, be it for BOPs or the Graduate Open Day, the board has
counted on me. All in all, I enjoy this commitment and would like to take on this role for another
year. I would be very happy if you would continue to support me!

Sports and Societies Officer

Candidate: Simon Ramirez (sr802)

Proposer: Charlotte Tumescheit (ct518)
Seconder: Christina Coureges (cjfc4)

My name is Simón Ramírez and I am finishing the first year of my PhD in chemistry working on
microfluidics and molecular simulations.
When I arrived in Darwin I felt welcomed by everybody even though I was a lent starter and we did
not have a proper fresher’s week on those days. Since then, I started participating in activities and
events hosted by different societies. Nowadays, I see an opportunity to be officially involved in
college life as an active DCSA committee member, that is why I am applying for the position of
sports and societies officer.
Leisure time is a crucial part of the student life, helping us to relax from academic activities and
that is why we need to ensure that sports and societies work properly. I would like to join the actual
officer, Mohamed, and work in a synergetic way to represent all the students involved on these
activities, helping to improve the communication between them and the executive committee.
Finally, I have to mention that I am an active member of at least two societies and practice three
sports with the college clubs therefore I am suitable for this position.
External Officer

Candidate: Torben Sell (ts671)

Proposer: Charlotte Tumescheit (ct518)
Seconder: Oliver Taherzadeh (oat24)

I'm Torben, a first-year PhD student in the Department for Pure Mathematics and Mathematical
Statistics, and I am applying for the role of external officer.
During my masters last year, I benefitted from the support the DCSA supplied, e.g. the Thursday
coffee and tea in Easter term, and the advise offered by DCSA members. Now that I have started my
pretty relaxed PhD I want to give something back by joining the DCSA myself.
I believe that the role of external officer suits me extremely well, as I have always enjoyed other
colleges' formals a lot. Over the last year I have privately organised a few formal swaps with other
colleges, such that I am now prepared to do this on a more official level.
In the CUSU meetings, I'll obviously be putting Darwin first, making sure we stay the No. 1
graduate college in Cambridge.
Obviously, I wouldn't restrict myself to external affairs, but also engage in internal ones. My
understanding of being a DCSA executive committee member is that I am accessible for all
Darwinians to make sure they have the greatest time possible in our college. Even though I don't
live in college, I am quite often [200 word limit reached].

The Darwin College Students' Association (DCSA) Executive Committee consists of up to 19 volunteering PhD and MPhil students (normally elected to their positions in the Easter and Michaelmas DCSA elections). They represent the concerns and interests of the student body at Darwin internally to Fellows and staff of college and externally to such bodies as the GU (Graduate Union), CUSU (Cambridge University Student Union), and NUS (National Union of Students). 
The DCSA Executive Committee consists of:
President (dcsa_president [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
Secretary (dcsa_secretary [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
Treasurer (dcsa_treasurer [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
Women’s Welfare Officer (dcsa_womens_welfare [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
Men’s Welfare Officer (dcsa_mens_welfare [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
LGBT Officer (dcsa_lgbt [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
International Officer (dcsa_international [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
Admiral of the Punts (dcsa_punts [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
Events Officer (dcsa_events [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
Entertainment Officer(s) (dcsa_ents [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
Communications Officer (dcsa_coms [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
External Officer (dcsa_external [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
Environmental and Ethical Affairs Officer (dcsa_green [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
Sports and Societies Officer(s) (dcsa_sports [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
College Council Representative(s) (dcsa_council_reps [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
Bar Committee Chair (dcsa-bar [at] dar.cam.ac.uk)
In addition to these roles, Executive Committee members sit on the following College Committees:
College Council
Finance Committee
Buildings and Grounds
Strategic Planning
Education and Research Committee
Health and Safety Committee
Library Committee
Meals Committee
Strategic Planning Committee
Darwin College Society Committee
You can find out who sits on the DCSA Executive Committee and read more about what each Officer does here.
If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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