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BOP dates for 2017-2018

Freshers’ BOP - 7th October 2017

Oktoberfest - 28th October 2017

Halloween BOP - 4th November 2017

Bar 50th Anniversary Bop - 2nd December 2017

Burns’ Night Ceilidh - 25th January 2018

Mayball Launch BOP - 3rd Feb 2018

BOP - 10th March 2018

BOP - 12th May 2018

(Updated 18/11/16)
Darwin students must bring their student card to gain entry. 
If you have managed to secure a ticket to bring a guest you must accompany your guest in order for them to gain entry to the BOP. Cambridge University students can bring their student card (showing their College affiliation). Everyone else must bring government issued photographic ID showing their date of birth (such as passport/driving license).
There is a maximum capacity for BOPs, which means we need to monitor how many people are present at any given time. This may mean if you leave the BOP for an extended period of time you risk not gaining entry again. (Why would you want to leave for an extended period of time anyway?!) If you have reserved a ticket and arrive by 23.00 you will be guaranteed entry. If you have not arrived by 23.00 you risk not gaining entry, as we will resell your ticket, assuming you are not coming. If you know you will arrive after 23.00 please inform the DCSA when you buy your ticket or contact the Ents Officers.
There is a zero tolerance policy for aggressive behaviour. If you display any level of aggressive behaviour you will be asked to leave and security will remove you if necessary. You risk being banned from all future Darwin BOPs, should this happen.
Everyone will be asked to leave the BOP at 1am.
Email the Ents Officers: dcsa_ents @ darwin.cam.ac.uk


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