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Most students use a bike to move around Cambridge on a regular basis. Frequent use and wet climate tend to take their toll quickly, especially on older second-hand bikes – before you know it the brakes don't bite any more, the pedals are rickety and the tyres have to be pumped every other day. The trip to the mechanic is rarely cheap but fortunately, Darwin has got their own bike repair club. Many issues can readily be fixed with ease for free with the access to the right tools, many of which are available here. The members can meet once a month to carry out repairs on their bicycles. A range of tools and stands are available, as well as a few members who know how to fix things, can assess your bike's problem and give you a hand with the repair.

Join the “Darwin College Bike Club” Facebook group or email Andrej Turk (at712@cam.ac.uk).

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