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Darwin College Music Society

The Darwin College Music Society (DCMS) is here to help make your college life musical. We host events throughout the year and provide facilities and support for music making and performance.


Every Wednesday we host casual Jam Sessions in the common room. Please come along, everyone is welcome, bring your instruments if you have them, or have a bang on one of our bongos – no talent required or expected!

We also host Open Mics in DarBar throughout the year to give you a chance to share your talent in front of a crowd of friendly faces.

For the latest event info, subscribe to the Darwin Music Events Calendar:



To help you make music we can also give you access to the treasure trove that is the Darwin College Bar Cellar. In there we have a drum kit, PA system, amps, music stands - all sorts of goodies that we want you to make use of, and if something’s not there, we have money to buy stuff too! The college also has the common room for use as a rehearsal space, and various pianos dotted around, all to be taken advantage of.

To reserve the equipment either email a member of the society committee or simply create an event in your calendar and invite:


As a guest. If your slot is available, it will accept automatically.

Please discuss your needs with a committee member before your first booking so we can show you the ropes.

Pianos in college

Darwin college has four pianos: two uprights, one in the Common Room and the other in the Old Library, an electronic piano in the Old Library, and a grand piano in the Dining Hall. The pianos are tuned once a term. If you have any queries about the instruments, please contact a member of the committee.

The piano in the Common Room can be used by any college members for casual use as long as no other activities are taking place in that room. The pianos in the Dining Hall and Old Library can be used by arrangement at any time except when the hall is used for meals or the Old Library for meetings.

It is possible to reserve practice sessions on the pianos in the Old Library and the Dining Room in advance. This can be booked through the Domestic Bursar’s Secretary (phone: 335661, email: domestic.bursars.secretary@darwin.cam.ac.uk). Keys for the rooms may be obtained from the Porters’ Lodge and must be returned before 11.30pm.

Darwin College Choir

The Darwin College Choir is an enthusiastic group of students who enjoy making music together. The Choir sings in a variety of musical styles and welcomes members with all levels of experience in choral singing. If you are interested in singing, accompanying, or directing the choir, please contact Felicity at fh333@cam.ac.uk or come along to a rehearsal. Check out the Facebook page for more up to date info:



The society has the Darwin College Music Society Facebook page for discussion and events, and we also have an email list with updates non-Facebookers. Any questions whatsoever just contact Will Tebbutt or Hugh Ramsden, or just grab us at one of the Jam Sessions – if you want to do something musical here, we want you to too!

Will Tebbutt (President): wct23@cam.ac.uk

Hugh Ramsden (Treasurer): hor20@cam.ac.uk

Felicity Hey (Choir): fh333@cam.ac.uk 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/180145377845/

Email List: http://mail.dar.cam.ac.uk/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/dcms

Events Calendar: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/b/1?cid=Y2FtLmFjLnVrX3RscTRyY3FzOGY2OW1rYzA5N2FkbTJmYWhzQGdyb3VwLmNhbGVuZGFyLmdvb2dsZS5jb20

Music Stash Calendar: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/b/1?cid=Y2FtLmFjLnVrX292cTUzc2RkYXRyOTNobnZiN2RldDFkYzI0QGdyb3VwLmNhbGVuZGFyLmdvb2dsZS5jb20 (University accounts only)

Choir Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/180145377845/

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