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The Darwin College Music Society (DCMS) is a forum for connecting musically-inclined members of Darwin College, whether they be students or fellows, with the singular aim of making music happen in Darwin. No matter your ability, we encourage you to join in!

How to get involved?

We don't have a formal membership; you are automatically a member by virtue of being a member of the college. If you want to keep up to date with what is going on, please subscribe to our mailing list and join our Facebook group; we also post about larger events we run (open-mic nights, concerts that are happening in Darwin etc) on the general Darwin College Students Facebook group.

Active Ensembles / Events

Darwin College Choir

Darwin College Choir is a group of enthusiastic singers specialising in contemporary choral music across a variety of genres. Rehearsals are held one evening per week. We aim to put on one concert per term, but we also welcome collaborations with other Darwin music ensembles and Cambridge choral groups, whether that means a combined Evensong service with Queens Graduate Choir or a casual outdoor sing-along with the folk ensemble. All keen singers are welcome! To get involved contact John Goldie-Scott (jtd26).

Jam Sessions and Open-Mic Nights

We run jam sessions periodically, to which anyone who sings or plays an instrument who wants to make music casually is welcome. Although these sessions are enjoyable in their own right, the hope is that people with similar musical interests wind up forming new bands and ensembles, which are possibly independent of the DCMS - The Galapagogos and Paper Playground are two such examples.

Every couple of months we host an open mic night in the common room. Everyone is welcome to join, and performances don't just have to be musical in nature; for example the Salsa society has previously performed. Details will always be posted to the DCMS Facebook group and the general Darwin College Students Facebook group well in advance.

If you want to know more about these events please post in the DCMS Facebook group (it is likely you aren't the only one with questions), or contact Phil Barry (pb645) or Will Tebbutt (wct23) directly.

Starting New / Resurrecting Inactive Ensembles

If there's a musical activity we don't currently have that you want to see in the college, either start a conversation about it by posting in our Facebook group, chat to us at one of the jam sessions, or contact Phil (pb645) or Will (wct23) directly (particularly if you would be interested in running an ensemble).

The success of our ensembles is often dependent upon the commitment of one or two dedicated individuals who organise / direct them, and when such people leave the college it is often tricky to find someone to take over from them. This has unfortunately been the case with our Chamber Orchestra and Folk Ensemble. If you're interested in reviving either of these ensembles please get in touch with Phil (pb645) or Will (wct23) directly.


We strongly encourage you to bring your own instruments to Darwin where possible, but do have a limited range of instruments and equipment available for use by members.


Darwin college has four pianos: two uprights, one in the Common Room and the other in the Old Library, an electronic piano in the Old Library, and a grand piano in the Dining Hall. The pianos are tuned once a term. If you have any queries about the instruments please post in our Facebook group or contact Phil (pb645) or Will (wct23).

The piano in the Common Room can be used by any college members on an ad-hoc basis provided no other activities are taking place in that room. The pianos in the Dining Hall and Old Library can be used by arrangement at any time except when the hall is used for meals or the Old Library for meetings.

It is possible to reserve practice sessions on the pianos in the Old Library and the Dining Room in advance. This can be booked through the Secretary to the Bursars (see here). Keys for the rooms may be obtained from the Porters’ Lodge, and must be returned before 11.30pm.

Instrumental Award Scheme

Darwin students can apply for the University Instrumental Award Scheme (these can be renewed annually). Applications must be in before starting in Freshers’ Week.

The Committee


President - Phil Barry (pb645)   Treasurer - Will Tebbutt (wct23)  Secretary - Joel Chappel (jc917) 

Not in Darwin?

Although the DCMS's primary focus is necessarily the musical well-being of Darwin members, we are keen to facilitate collaborations with ensembles from outside Darwin. Similarly, if you are a graduate student who is currently under-served by your college's musical offerings please get in touch with either Phil (pb645) or Will (wct23).

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