Darwin College Students' Association

Families Society

Being a postgraduate college, a significant portion of our students arrive with their families. Darwin's Families Society aims to bring together students and families to form a joint community where all are welcomed, as well as promote family issues within the College and the University. We run informal events throughout the year as well as bigger events about once per term, to celebrate special occasions. Our most popular events are a Christmas (and Hanukkah) mulled wine and sing-along event held together with the Darwin choir, and the Easter egg hunt held in the College garden. In addition, the Families Society provides activities for children alongside the College-wide DCSA events, to ensure that all our College community feel welcome at all events wherever possible. The Society owns a number of toys and games for a range of different ages which members can access to help their children have a good time while at College. We encourage students with families and all students that want to be a part of this special community to join our society. 

If you have any questions or want to get involved with this society please get in touch at dcsa_families@darwin.cam.ac.uk.





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