Darwin College Students' Association


Access to the gym is only for DCSA primary or associated members (Check the membership definitions in the Constitution).
An induction is required before using the gym - contact the Sports Officers to arrange this (dcsa_sports [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk).
You must read and sign the health and safety form before your first visit. The DCSA and Darwin College takes no responsibility for injuries (or death) caused by improper use of equipment. 
Access to the gym is via your student card - the Porters can arrange this once you complete the gym induction and sign the health and safety form.
The total gym capacity is 5. Health and safety comes first.
If the ergs are in use, no more than two people may be doing weights.
The ergs may only be used with permission of the Boat Club.
The squat rack and erg(s) must not be used at the same time.
Enter CRSIDs of all users to book.
Please be considerate of sudden noises - both from ergs and weights - while others are using the gym.
Walk-in sessions are allowed, but priority is given to those who reserve.
Please use spotters while lifting weights whenever possible.
To book the gym please click here.
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