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Approved amendments to the Constitution (Easter 2017)

A referendum was held 31st May - 2nd June, with at least 15% of students voting and at least two-thirds approved the changes. Therefore the Constitutional amendments came into effect immediately. 

The amendments will make it easier for the DCSA to operate and to serve the needs of primary members. Primary members will benefit through the additional ways to hold referendums, additional ways to amend the budget, and fourth years and those with valid extensions will now be allowed to vote at GMs. The amendment to reduce how many non-primary members can participate in clubs and societies will ensure DCSA budget is focused on primary members, and the amendment to reduce who can use Darwin facilities also ensures primary members are given priority.

The changes ranged from major to very minor. The amendments to the Constitution can be seen in the document below and have been presented in their entirety for context. Red indicates the clause is to be changed (either edited or removed), green shows the proposed amendments, and yellow shows the explanations to the amendments.
In short, the major points to take note of are:
- Throughout the document: “fee paying members” has been changed to “primary members”. This amendment means fourth years and those with valid extensions are included in the term “primary members” and will be able to vote at GMs.
- 3.2 (p4): associate members can only use Darwin facilities if they are part of a Darwin club/society using the facilities.
- 4.3 (p5) and 10.5 (p13): the DCSA does not wish to be liable for the May Ball finances, should something go wrong with how they have managed their accounts; the amendments mean the DCSA will not manage the May Ball finances or be liable for anything they do. 
- 9.7 (p10): this amendment gives a way to hold a referendum should a motion be presented at a non-quorate GM or those in attendance feel those present and voting do not represent the views/attitudes of the entire student body.
- 10.4 (p12): this amendment allows budget changes to be presented at any GM, rather than only at the Michaelmas GM or at an Extraordinary GM. 
May 2017
May 2017 PDF icon DCSA Constitution motion.pdf
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