Darwin College Students' Association

Welcome to Darwin

The Darwin College Students’ Association (DCSA) welcomes you to Darwin for what is sure to be the start of a truly amazing year! The DCSA exists to represent the interests and welfare of Darwin students and does so by dealing with matters raised by students, providing budget for Darwin clubs and societies, organising social events, and by providing support for students. You can contact any committee member about any issue.

Joining the University of Cambridge and Darwin College is a huge accomplishment, so congratulations on this incredible achievement! Darwin College was founded in 1964 and was the first Cambridge College to only admit graduates and to admit both men and women. Today Darwin has around 650 students and admits around 250 new students every year from all over world and from a variety of subject areas. Being in Cambridge will provide you with many opportunities to expand your knowledge, skill set, and friendship group. The DCSA wants to provide you as many chances as possible to take advantage of this and to network within college.

You’ll always find a friendly face around Darwin, so don’t be scared to just say hello and introduce yourself to someone. It really is true what they say: you get out what you put in, so you should visit Darwin as much as you can, to make the most of college life.

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