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Let's be honest, physical, intellectual, and emotional/spiritual wellbeing is not a top priority for most Cambridge students. Our courses are demanding and the pressure to produce top quality academic work can push good eating, sleep, and social habits to the wayside. Furthermore, the combined and difficult-to-assess impacts of moving to a new place (perhaps a new country and language), with new food, new people, new social and cultural customs, affects us all and can be difficult to manage alone.

While focusing on work is certainly a good thing, it can become damaging if it means consistently sacrificing personal health and welfare. Stress, depression, and other negative physical, intellectual, and emotional/spiritual issues can reduce quality of thinking and writing, and can lead to disastrous consequences if ignored for too long.

The short of it is this: your welfare is important for two reasons:

  1. Personal wellbeing is intimately connected with intellectual capacity and efficiency (i.e. if you are healthy and happy, you'll work better).
  2. Your experience at Cambridge is only temporary, your personal health is forever. If you do not establish healthy work and living habits now, when is it likely for you to do so? And what are the consequences of failing?


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