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What We Do

The Darwin College Students' Association (DCSA) Executive Committee consists of up to 19 volunteering PhD and MPhil students. They represent the concerns and interests of the student body at Darwin internally to fellows and staff of college and externally to such bodies as the GU (Graduate Union), CUSU (Cambridge University Student Union), and NUS (National Union of Students).
DCSA members can contact anyone with any questions/comments/feedback on any matter or topic.
Executive Committee members are elected to their positions in the June and November DCSA elections. The DCSA Executive Committee consists of:
President (dcsa_president [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
The President is the representative of the DCSA to College, voicing the opinions of the students in College to all College members. They coordinate the committee by chairing DCSA executive meetings and termly general meetings. The President works very closely with the Secretary and Treasurer to ensure work is completed. The President sits in the College Council as a student representative, attends CUSU meetings, and usually sits on one or two other College committees.
Secretary (dcsa_secretary [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
The Secretary is the administrator of the committee and Vice President. Alongside the President they ensure that meetings and DCSA business run smoothly. The Secretary ensures up-to-date files of the DCSA’s affairs, minutes, and policy documents are maintained. The Secretary is in charge of the TV room and its bookings. The Secretary sits on the Building and Grounds Committee as well as the Darwin College Society committee.
Treasurer (dcsa_treasurer [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
The Treasurer is in charge of all the finances in the committee, reporting how much is spent and assess the feasibility of projects on a financial basis. They are responsible for ensuring all the societies are receiving the required funding whilst ensuring that the money they ask for is necessary for what they want to do. The Treasurer sits on the College Finance Committee.
Women’s Welfare Officer (dcsa_womens_welfare [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
The Women’s Welfare Officer is the student contact for students who or in need of help or advice. They advise students on how to deal with their problems and who they should contact to get the help they require. The Women’s Welfare Officer is responsible for representation and furthering the needs of female students.
Men’s Welfare Officer (dcsa_mens_welfare [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
The Men’s Welfare Officer is the student contact for students who are in need of help or advice. They advise students on how to deal with their problems and who they should contact to get the help they require. The Men’s Welfare Officer is responsible for representation and furthering the needs of male students.
LGBT Officer (dcsa_lgbt [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
The LGBT Officer ensures the needs of LGBT students are met, whilst also providing help in a similar manner to the Welfare Officers. They try to involve LGBT students in College and organise events aimed at LGBT students.
International Officer (dcsa_international [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
The International Officer is responsible for representing and furthering the needs of overseas students. They try to involve overseas students in College and organise events aimed at international students.
Admiral of the Punts (dcsa_punts [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
The Admiral of the Punts is responsible for all the vessels the punt club owns, including the punts, kayaks, canoe, and the equipment which comes along with them. They ensure administrative work is completed alongside maintenance. They work with several trusted punt captains to ensure the work is done. They are also the President of the punting society and manage the memberships.
Events Officer (dcsa_events [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
The Events Officer coordinates, organises, and promotes social and entertainment activities, including the Garden Party and BBQ. They are also Chair of the Entertainment Committee, which organises all entertainment events run by the DCSA.
Entertainment Officer(s) (dcsa_ents [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
The Ents Officers coordinate, organise, and promote the Darwin BOPs, held roughly three times a term. Together with the Events Officer they facilitate the organisation of a wide variety of events in the College.
Communications Officer (dcsa_coms [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
The Comms Officer is responsible for sending out the Whatsup emails, helping to maintain the website, and to otherwise attend to the DCSA communication needs. The Comms Officer sits on the College Computer Committee.
External Officer (dcsa_ambassador [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
The External Officer is responsible for organising Formal swaps with other Colleges and for hosting other Colleges when they visit Darwin for Formal swap. They also represent the DCSA at CUSU meetings.
Green Officer (dcsa_green [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
The Green Officer is responsible for the coordination and implementation of sustainable policies and organises college events promoting awareness of sustainability. They can also sit on the Buildings and Grounds Committee if requested.
Sports Officer(s) (dcsa_sports [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
The Sports Officers are responsible for maintaining the gym and for overseeing Darwin’s sporting societies. They are also responsible for organising the Darwin-Wolfson Sports Day, a day of sporting fun against our sister College at Oxford, held every March.
College Council Representative(s) (dcsa_council_reps [at] darwin.cam.ac.uk)
The College Council Reps are elected by the students to represent the College in College Council meetings and sit ex officio on the DCSA Executive Committee (meaning their Primary Office is the College Council). They bring any matters to the College Council and the DCSA and try to ensure that the needs of all parties in College are being met.
Bar Committee Chair (dcsa-bar [at] dar.cam.ac.uk)
The Barcomm Chair is not voted on to the DCSA Executive Committee, as with all other positions, but sits ex officio on the committee. The BarComm Chair is in charge of the Bar Committee, which runs the Darwin Bar (Darbar).
In addition these roles, Executive Committee members are selected for College Committees, including:
Education and Research Committee
Health and Safety Committee
Library Committee
Meals Committee
Strategic Planning Committee
If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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